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At Headworks of Nashville, we take pride in being Nashville, Tennessee’s go-to cylinder head service specialists. Regardless of what issue your vehicle may have and what vehicle you drive, motorists all over middle Tennessee know that we can help return their vehicle to its previous level of performance — or better. Our shop specializes in cylinder head service and we happily accept all makes and models. We happily repair, rebuild, and exchange cast iron and aluminum cylinder heads, and we dedicate the time to evaluate each component within the head to properly determine what exactly needs service. We utilize state-of-the-art tools, components, and service techniques, as well as follow an industry-standard procedure, to ensure your vehicle’s cylinder head is performing at its best.

Rebuilding Cylinder Heads

All work for rebuilding your cast iron or aluminum cylinder heads is done right here in our Nashville shop. The process begins with a thorough tear-down and inspection of your cylinder head. We completely evaluate all components in your cylinder head and identify what needs to be repaired.

Our machine shop is manned by our certified machinists. We handle your heads with precision perfection to ensure exact restoration, including:

  • Resurfacing is performed
  • Valve seats are machine cut
  • Repair and weld aluminum heads
  • Each valve is machine dressed at the stem and face
  • New valve seals are installed
  • All heads are pressure tested
  • The cylinder head is then vacuum tested to ensure proper seating of all the valves
  • All work conforms with OEM specs.

We Keep You Covered

When customers visit our shop, they come to us knowing that we are the specialists. We know that whatever issue your vehicle’s cylinder head may have, regardless of the make & model, we can service it with quality, care, and precision. But we feel that, although our services meet your needs, we can provide you with more. Something other than sustainable auto solutions, and we’ve done that through our coverage plan. Ask us for more detail and which services are covered. For more information, give us a call or visit our shop and speak with one of our staff members!

Stop By Today!

Whatever cylinder head issue you may have, whatever vehicle you may drive, know that the automotive professionals at Headworks of Nashville are here to help you. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, we are the go-to cylinder head specialists in the area. Our automotive professionals utilize state-of-the-art resources and industry-best standards to provide quality service and transparent counsel. We can help your vehicle reach the quality performance you’ve been looking for! Give us a call at 615-227-9300 to schedule your service today! If you have a busy schedule, just visit us at your convenience as we happily accept walk-in customers. We’re located on 4003 Gallatin Pike. We look forward to serving you!